Where’s the hot-air balloon? Circle Time

If you are looking for a fun and hands-on Transportation themed activity, you have come to right place! The ‘Where’s the hot-air balloon/’ circle time activity is great for improving your young learner’s speaking skills, while also improving their number recognition and counting skills.

Where’s the hot-air balloon? Circle Time

What you need:

  • Pictures of clouds and hot-air balloon printed out, laminated and cut

How to use this resource:

After laminating and cutting out all the clouds and the hot-air balloon, place the clouds face up in the center of the circle.

Ask children to call out the numbers on them as you put them down. Now ask children to close their eyes  while you quickly hide the hot-air balloon under a cloud. Ask the children to open their eyes and to take turns guessing where the hot-air balloon is (not by grabbing the clouds but by asking ‘Is the hot-air balloon under cloud number 12?’)

Download the activity by clicking on the image below.

For a whole week of Air Transportation themed activities, head over to this blog post or click on the image below to download the printable pack.

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