We All go traveling by extension activity

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If you are looking for a fun and hands-on extension activity to ‘We All Go Traveling By’, you have come to right place! My kids also love the sing-along version by Barefoot Books, which you can find here.

This activity is great for improving your young learner’s speaking and sequencing skills, while also developing their fine-motor and visual discriminations skills.

Extension Activity

All the modes of transportation pictures in the above image is included in this sequencing activities printable. For color and number cards go over to the Monster Themed Complete Circle Time Printable Pack. Here you will find number cards 1 – 20, Alphabet Cards Aa -Zz, Weather Cards, Word Family Cards, Sight Word Cards, Month and Day of the Week Cards, Shape of the Week cards as well as Color of the Week Cards. This pack includes everything you might need for morning routine.

What you need:

  • Pictures of the modes of transport
  • Number cards 1 – 8
  • Color Cards
  • Blu-tac

How to use this resource:

Read the story or listen to the sing-along on YouTube. Ask the children if they remember which vehicle appeared first, second and so on.

Stick number cards 1 – 8 in order on the board. Hand out the color cards and pictures of vehicle cards to the children. Now listen to the song again, and pause it in between each vehicle. Ask the children with the correct color and vehicle to come forward and stick these under the correct number. Continue until all the pictures of the modes of transport are on the board.

Cut-and-Paste Activity

We all go travelling by sequencing activity
‘We All Go Travelling By’ Sequencing Cut-and-Paste

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloring Pencils
  • ‘We All Go Travelling By’ Activity Sheet


Ask the children to color the pictures of the vehicles the same colors as the vehicles in the story (yellow bus, red truck, blue train, pink bicycle, green boat, white plane, orange car and purple shoes). When they are done, they cut out the pictures and paste them in the correct order onto the sequencing sheet. Now, play the song again and ask them to point to the pictures as they sing along.

We all go travelling by sequencing

Download the activity by clicking on the image below.

We All Go travelling by extension activity

I hope you and your kids will enjoy the activity! Don’t forget to leave feedback or let me know if you have any suggestions.

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