The 5 Senses Sorting Activity

Learning about the 5 senses is an exciting thematic unit for young learners as they are curious about the world around them and use their senses to explore and learn. The The 5 Senses Sorting Activity is a great way to develop young learners’ word recognition and fine motor skills.

The 5 Senses Sorting Activity

5 Senses Sorting Activity
Click on the image to download the printable

What you need:

  • Sorting Activity printed out
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloring Pencils

How to complete the activity:

Review the 5 senses with the children. Go through all the pictures on the activity sheet. If it is a class with ESL Learners, you can ask them to color each picture according to instruction e.g., ‘Color the sun yellow”. Children cut the pictures out and paste it under the correct heading.

5 Senses Sorting
Click on the image to download the labels

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