Mr. Potato Head 5 Senses Craft

Learning about the 5 senses is an exciting thematic unit for young learners as they are curious about the world around them and use their senses to explore and learn. The Mr. Potato Head 5 Senses Craft is a great way to develop young learners’ word recognition and fine motor skills.

Mr. Potato Head 5 Senses Craft

The 5 Senses Printables & Activities

What you need:

  • Brown, pink & red construction paper
  • A4 colored construction paper (1 per child)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Mr. Potato head labels printed out
  • Googly eyes

How to complete the activity:

Review the 5 senses. Give all the children a brown piece of paper and show them how to draw a potato shape. Help them to cut it out. Children paste the shape onto another colored sheet of paper. Show the children how to draw 2 arms and hands and a mouth on white paper. Children cut this out and paste it onto Mr. Potato head as shown in the picture. Add some googly eyes, a nose and ears.

Hand out the labels that you will find at the end of this free lesson plan. Children cut out the words and label the picture.

5 Senses Activities
Click on the image to download the labels

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