Editable Name Printable Book

This Editable Name Printable Book is a hands-on activity to develop fine-motor skills and name recognition. Children will form the letters with air dry playdough, cut and paste the letters and learn to form the letters correctly.

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What you need:

Get the ready for the activity!

Page 1: I can trace it with my finger.

Name Printables

Children trace their names with their fingers. Remind them to always start writing from the top!

Page 1: I can make it with playdough.

Name Printables

Demonstrate to the children how to roll the air dry playdough into thin, long ‘snakes’. The children break these into different pieces, put glue on their names, and form the letters of their names with the playdough.

Page 2: I can make it.

Name Printable

On the second page, children cut out the letters of their names and paste it in the correct blocks.

Page 2: I can write it.

Name Printables

For the final activity of the Editable Name Printable Book, the children copy their names into the space provided.

Click on the image below to download the printable book

Name Printables

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