Body Parts Math & Literacy Printable Centers

If you are looking for some engaging Body Parts Math & Literacy Printable Centers, you have come to the right place! These 4 centers are great for developing fine motor skills and visual discrimination. It also covers body parts vocabulary and identifying numbers 1 – 6.

Literacy Center 1: ‘I have/ Who has’ Cards

How to play the card game:

For the first activity in this Body Parts Math & Literacy Printable Centers pack, you will need a laminating machine, scissors and kids.

  1. Deal the cards out to each player until there are none left. It does not matter if some players are left with a few extra cards.
  2. The player with the first card says; ‘I have the first card, who has the picture of the head?’. They then lay the card down in the middle of the table, face-up.
  3. The player who has the card with the head says; ‘I have the picture of the head, who has the picture of the ear?’
  4. Continue until all cards have been placed on the pile in the middle.

My Body printables
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Literacy Center 2: Bingo

Body Parts Bingo

How to play Bingo:

  • Cut out and laminate the bingo cards and the picture cards.
  • Place the picture cards face down in the middle of the table
  • Each child gets a bingo card.
  • Children take turns to pick up a picture card. All children that has the same picture on the card on their bingo sheets puts a counter on this picture.
  • The first one that covers all the pictures on their card shouts ‘Bingo’ and wins.

Body Parts Bingo
Click on the image to download Body Parts Bingo

Literacy Center 3: Spin & Color

How to play Body Parts Spin & Color:

  • Cut out, laminate and assemble the spinner.
  • Take turns to spin the spinner.
  • Color the body part the spinner lands on, on the coloring sheet.
  • Continue until the coloring sheet is completed.

Body parts Literacy centers
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Math Center: Body Parts Dice Game

How to play The Body Parts Dice Game:

  • Cut out the different body parts on the pictures of the boy and girl with the vest and pants on.
  • Cut into 6 parts – hair, arms, clothes, legs, face and feet. Laminate these body parts as well as the dice sheet and the game sheets.
  • This game can be played individually, in pairs or in groups. Children throw the dice, check on the
    dice card which number corresponds with which body part, and places the laminated body part on the correct place. The first child that has covered all the body parts wins.

Body Parts Math centers
Click on the image to download the Body Parts Dice Game printable

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