Beginning Sounds I have/ Who has cards

This set of Beginning Sounds I have/ Who has cards, is great for developing young learners fine-motor, letter recognition and phonemic awareness abilities.

Alphabet I have/ Who has cards

What you need:

  • I have/ Who has cards printed out, laminated and cut
  • A flat surface

How to complete the activity:

1. Deal the cards out to each player until there are none left. It does not matter if some players are left with a few extra cards.​

 2. The player with the first card will say; ‘I have the first card, who has (something that begins with a)…?’. They will then lay the card in the middle of the table. ​

3. The player with the alligator will say; ‘I have an alligator, who has something that begins with (b)? ​

4. Continue until all cards have been placed on the pile in the middle. 

Alphabet Activities
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