Roll, Say & Color/ Cover Literacy Center

We all really enjoyed all of the Aquatic Animals Themed Activities – creating animals with Lego blocks and wooden shapes, fishing magnetic letters, making apple turtles and feeding sharks! The Roll, Say & Color/ Cover Literacy Center is great for developing your little learners’ beginning sounds identification and fine motor skills.

Roll, Say & Color/ Cover Literacy Center

What you need:

  • Roll, Say & Cover/ Color printable center printed out & laminated
  • Dice
  • Coloring sheets printed out
  • Coloring pencils
  • Plastic counters

How to complete the activity:

The game can be played in small groups or individually. The first child throws the dice, sees which beginning sound corresponds with the number the dice landed on and cover or color the animal which begins with the sound. Each child gets a turn to throw the dice. The winner is the one who can cover or color all the pictures first.

Sea Animals Activities & Printables
Click on the image to download the printable center

Click on the images below to download the Aquatic Animals Themed Math & Literacy Centers, Printables and Activities.

Sea Animals Activities & Printables

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