Polar Bear, Polar Bear Role-Play Activity

Learning about the 5 senses is an exciting thematic unit for young learners as they are curious about the world around them and use their senses to explore and learn. The Polar Bear, Polar Bear Role-Play Activity will help your young learners develop their listening, speaking and word recognition skills.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear Role-Play Activity

Polar Bear Polar Bear Activities

What you need:

  • Animal Sound Cards printed out, laminated and cut

How to complete the activity:

Read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear? Ask the children to choose a picture of an animal, color it, cut it out and stick a paper straw on the back. When they are done, read the story again. Each child stands up if the animal on their mask comes up in the story and make the animal sound.

Click on the images below to download the Polar Bear, Polar Bear Literacy Centers, Printables and Activities.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear Activities

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