My Crayons Talk Printable (& a Recycling Activity)

My Crayons Talk Printable
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If you are looking for some engaging activities for this colorful story, you have come to the right place! Using this My Crayons Talk Printable, children in Pre-K, Kindergarten or Grade 1 will learn that we are all unique, as well as learn how to work in a group.

The Recycling Center and Saving Water Mobile, are great activities for Global Awareness Week or Earth Day.

My Crayons Talk Printable

My Crayons Talk Printable
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What you need:

  • Poster board (any color)
  • My Crayons Talk Printable printed out on A3 paper (1 crayon per child)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A crayon box with crayons
  • Coloring pencils

How to use this resource:

Read the story to the children, or watch the read-aloud on YouTube. When the story is done, show the children a box of crayons and ask them to talk about the colors. Is there only one color? Why/ why not? What can we do with all the different colored crayons? What is your favorite color?

When the discussion is over, read the quote on the printed crayon box. Then hand out one picture of a crayon to each child and ask them to color it with their favorite color, to draw a little picture of themselves and to write their names on it.

When everyone is done, call the children back to the carpet and paste the printed box of crayons on the poster board. Then ask each child to come to the front and to stick their crayon onto the poster board. This is what ours looked like….

My Crayons Talk Printable

Recycling Activity

What you need:

  • Recycling Center Printed out, laminated and cut
  • Laminating machine
  • Laminating Sheets
  • Big Ziploc bags

How to use this resource:

Show the children all the cut-outs of the pictures and ask them which material they think each one is made of. Write Metal, Glass, Plastic and Paper on the board. Emphasize the beginning and ending sounds of each.

Place the cut-outs of the trash cans in the ziploc bags and stick the bags on a wall (we stuck it on a bench outside in the playground). Show the children the pictures again and ask them where each would be recycled. Give each child a turn to place a picture into the correct trash can.

Recycle and Earth Day Activities

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