Farm Animals Themed ‘Feed the Cow!’ Math Center

We all really enjoyed learning about Farm Animals – making 2D shapes with playdough, feeding a cow, making bouncy eggs, building animal homes and measuring animals. The Farm Animals Themed ‘Feed the Cow!’ Math Center is great for developing young learners’ addition, counting and fine-motor skills.

Farm Farm Animals Themed ‘Feed the Cow!’ Math Center

What you need:

  • Picture of cow face printed out and laminated. A hole cut for the cows mouth.
  • An old shoe box to glue the cow face onto
  • Snap-cubes
  • Addition cards laminated and cut out
  • Whiteboard Markers

How to complete the activity:

The children uses snap-cubes to complete the addition cards. They record the correct answer in the space provided, them ‘feed’ the cow that number of snap-cubes.

Farm animals themed math activities
Click on the image to download the center

Click on the images below to download the Farm Animals Themed Math & Literacy Centers, Printables and Activities.

Farm Animals Themed Activities

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