Doctors & Dentists Word Cards Sorting

Children love to pretend to be Firefighters, Doctors, Construction Workers, Musicians, Artists and anything grown-up. The Doctors & Dentists Word Cards Sorting Activity is a perfect way to develop your young learners’ word recognition and sorting skills

Doctors & Dentists Word Cards Sorting

After cutting and laminating the word cards, show the children all the cards. Draw a Venn diagram on the board. Stick the ‘Doctor’ heading in the one circle and the Dentist one in the other circle. Now decide with the children which apparatus are used by only doctors, and which ones are used by only dentists. The pictures of the apparatus that both use, goes in the middle of the diagram.

Other Doctors & Dentists Themed Circle Time Activities

Activity 1: Brushing Teeth Demonstration

Ask the children at the beginning of the week to bring their toothbrushes to school. Demonstrate the correct way to brush your teeth. Let everyone look at themselves in hand mirrors or the mirrors at the sink. Everyone brushes their teeth.

Activity 2: Remote Control

Make a pretend remote control and get your class to think of actions for each button on the remote control. Fast forward, rewind, pause etc. Now play papers, scissors, stone. Whoever wins gets to control the ‘remote control’ and thus the whole class.

Activity 3: Sail Around the World

Mark ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’ and ‘West’ on the four walls of your class. The children pretend to be on a boat in the middle of the class. Shout out a direction, all the children ‘sail’ to that wall, touch it, and return to the middle of the class. You can sail around the whole world (touch all 4 walls) or sail from North to East etc.

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Doctors & Dentists Activities & Printables

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