Dinosaur Silhouettes Art Activity

The Dinosaurs Themed Activities were a hit with everyone involved! The children loved learning about fossils and making their own salt dough dinosaur bones. They also really enjoyed making dinosaur silhouettes in Art, learning some fun facts about 6 dinosaurs, building dinosaurs with toothpicks and straws and taking part in some fun Math centers. The Dinosaurs Themed Fun Facts Activity is perfect for developing young children’s’ vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Dinosaur Silhouettes Art Activity

What you need:

How to complete the activity:

Print out the dinosaur templates and give one to each child. Ask the children to glue these templates onto the black construction paper. The children then cut out the dinosaur pictures. While they are busy cutting, call 2 children at a time to another table, where they can paint the background as shown in the pictures above. When the backgrounds are dry, children glue the dinosaurs onto these (with the black construction paper face up.

Dinosaurs Themed Activities
Click on the image to download the Dinosaur Themed Literacy Activities

Click on the image below to download the Dinosaurs Themed Math & Literacy Centers for a week.

Dinosaur Themed Math & Literacy Printables

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