Copy the Constellations Center

Outer Space is always a favorite topic, children love dreaming of visiting the moon. The Copy the Constellations Center will develop your young learners’ visual discrimination and fine motor skills.

Copy the Constellations Center

Space Themed Activities
Click on the image to download the prinatble center

What you need:

  • Constellation Cards printed out and laminated
  • Copy the constellations activity sheets printed out and copied

How to complete the activity:

Talk about constellations and show children examples of ones like ‘Orion’s Belt’ and Canis Major. Hand out the Constellation cards and the activity sheets. Children copy the constellations onto the grids by counting how many spaces from the top, left, right or bottom.

Space Themed Activities

Click on the image below to download the a whole week of Space Themed Math & Literacy Centers, Printables and Activities.

Space Themed Activity for a week

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