All About Me Printable book

This All About Me Printable Book is a fun way to get to know each other at the beginning of the school year. It’s a great activity to develop fine-motor skills and name recognition.

All About Me Printable Book

What you need:

  • Colorful construction paper
  • A picture of each child, printed out beforehand
  • Coloring pictures of dogs, cats, fish and birds (or any other animals)
  • Tempera paint (any colors)
  • Dot Stickers

Get Ready for the Activity!

Page 1: My name is…

For the first page of the All About Me Printable book, you will need different colored dot stickers. Write each child’s name on the page in big letters beforehand.

During the activity, write all the children’s names on the board. Point to different names and ask children if they can identify their own. Talk about how many letters are in each child’s name and beginning and ending sounds. Demonstrate how to stick the stickers on the letters. Ask the children what their favorite colors are and hand out these stickers to them. Now it’s time for some sticking fun!

Page 2: These are my handprints …

On the second page, the children will make their handprints using Washable Tempera Paint. It can get quite messy if you ask all the children to do it at once, so we normally put out some blocks and other center games and do the activity with 3/ 4 kids at a time.

Some children don’t like to get their hands dirty, so for these I normally just help them to trace around their hands.

Page 3: This is my picture …

You could either ask the children to draw themselves, or print out a picture of each child before completing page 3 of the book. They do really love being able to stick a picture of themselves on this page though 🙂

Page 4: This is my family …

Once again, on the ‘This is my family …’ page, you could either ask the parents to send in a family picture and paste these onto this page, or you can ask the children to draw their family members. I prefer for them to draw it, purely because I love looking at the drawings!

Page 5: My favorite animals are …

Head over to to download free dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, birds and other animals coloring pictures. Copy these pages (about ten each) and ask the children to choose 2 favorite animals.

Children color these pictures, cut it out and paste it onto the ‘My favorite animals …’ page. The teacher can write the animal words somewhere on the page and ask the children to trace these, if there is enough time.

Page 6: My favorite color is …

Children cut or tear little pieces of their favorite color from colored construction paper and stick these onto page 6 of the ‘All About Me Printable Book’. The teacher can write the color words somewhere on the page and ask the kids to trace it.

Page 7: My favorite food is …

Ask the children what their favorite foods are then head over to to download free food coloring pictures. Children color these pictures and paste it onto page 7.

The ‘All About Me Printable Book’ is now completed!

Click on the image below to download the printable book

All About Me Printable Book

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