Water Transport Roll & Color Center

Water Transportation is always a favorite topic, especially with the boys! The Water Transport Roll & Color Center will develop your young learners’ counting, fine motor and number recognition skills

Water Transport Roll & Color Center

What you need:

  • Dice printed out and assembled
  • Roll & Color Pictograph printed out and copied

How to to the activity:

Cut out and assemble the dice. Put the Pictograph in a plastic covers or dry-erasable pockets for re-use, This game can be played individually, in pairs or in small groups. Children throw the dice and color the corresponding picture on the pictograph, Keep going until one row reaches the top or give a time limit, Count and compare.

Water Transportation Activities
Click on the image to download the printable

Click on the image below to download the a whole week of Water Transportation Themed Math & Literacy Centers, Printables and Activities.

Water Transportation Themed Activities

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