Three Little Pigs Math Activities

The Three Little Pigs Math Activities covers ordering numbers 1 – 20, extending patterns, size sorting and some fun lacing activities.

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Three Little Pigs Math Activities

Activity 1: Extending patterns

Patterns are an essential part of the Pre-K Curriculum, because they help children learn how to make logical connections and use reasoning skills. They also help children to make predictions because they begin to understand what comes next.

Before completing the activity, the teacher can demonstrate extending patterns by lacing beads according to 2 attributes (size and color) or drawing shapes on the board in a pattern.

The children then cut the 4 pictures at the bottom of the activity sheet and complete the patterns by pasting the correct picture after each pattern.

Activity 2: Number Ordering 1 – 20 Puzzles

These puzzles are a great way for kids to practice number ordering from 1 – 10 as well as 11 – 20.

There are two puzzles which can be cut out and laminated for re-use. It can also be copied, cut out and pasted on A4 paper to send home.

Activity 3: Lacing

Tracking the hand’s movement visually while lacing develops hand-eye coordination. Coordinating both hands together develops bilateral coordination. These skills are necessary for future activities like writing and pulling up a zipper.

Cut out and laminate the pictures of the two little pigs and the wolf. Use a hole-punch to punch holes into the circles. Tie a piece of string around one hole and let the lacing begin!

Activity 4: Size Sorting

Sorting objects helps children to build visual perception and thinking skills. Learning to categorize and classify helps developing memory skills.

The teacher can either cut out and laminate the pictures for re-use, or it can be copied, the children can cut it out and then paste it in order from smallest to biggest on a white sheet of paper.

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