Three Little Pigs Literacy Center

This Three Little Pigs Literacy Center focuses on making words and forming letters correctly. Children love building the words with magnetic/ foam letters.

Three Little Pigs Printable
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Literacy Centers are an excellent way to improve student collaboration as well as provide targeted practice. Teachers get to work with the children in smaller groups.

Three Little Pigs Literacy Center

Three Little Pigs Printables

What you need:

Ready for the Three Little Pigs Center Activity:

Divide the class into groups. Have some other centers/ activities ready on the other tables. It always works better if there are 2 teacher assisted centers and 2 centers that the children can complete by themselves.

Prepare 4 trays with magnetic/ foam letters. Each child gets a laminated sheet, a tray with letters and a dry erase marker. The children can now look at the word on their activity sheet, find the right letters to ‘build’ the word and copy these letters underneath using a marker.

When they are done, they put the letters back in the tray and do the next activity sheet.

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Here you will find a detailed lesson plan and a week of integrated Math, Literacy, Science, Stem & Art Activities.


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