The Three Little Pigs Word Cards & Pocket Chart

If you are looking for some engaging Home & Family Themed Printables, you have come to the right place! The The Three Little Pigs Word Cards & Pocket Chart Sentences are great for developing word recognition.

Activity 1: Pocket Chart Sentences

The Three Little Pigs Activities

What you need:

  • Pocket chart sentences printed, laminated and cut out
  • Blu-Tac

How to complete the activity:

The teacher writes the sentences on the whiteboard and hands out the words of the pocket chart sentences to the children. As the teacher points to the words on the whiteboard while reading it, the children look at the words in their hands. The child with the same word as the teacher is pointing to, sticks the word on the whiteboard with blu-tac.

Activity 2: Picture & Word Match

Laminate and cut out the words and the pictures. Hand out the pictures to the children and stick the words on the whiteboard/ wall. Point to each word and talk about the beginning and ending sound of each. Ask the children what they think the word says. The children look at the pictures in their hands and if it is the correct one, stick it on the whiteboard next to the word.

The Three Little Pigs Activities
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