Space Themed Booklist for kids

The engaging picture books in this Space Themed Booklist for kids, take a look at all the different planets, astronauts, space transportation and so much more.

Space Themed Books for kids

Space Themed Booklist for kids

I Want to be an Astronaut, by Byron Barton

Space Themed Books for kids

Up into the sky goes the space shuttle! Once in orbit, the astronauts get a taste of ready-to-eat food, experience zero gravity, go for space walks, and even fix a satellite. It’s fun to fly aboard the shuttle, and then to come back to earth.

On The Launch Pad, by Michael Dahl

Space Themed Books for kids

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . blastoff! In this counting book about rockets, a space shuttle awaits liftoff. Each page features bright illustrations with hidden numbers in the artwork to introduce the concept of counting.

Roaring Rockets, by Tony Mitton

Rockets have power. They rise and roar. This rocket’s waiting, ready to soar. Rockets carry astronauts with cool, white suits oxygen helmets and gravity boots. Blast off with more machines that fly. 

Me and My Place in Space, by Joan Sweeney

Space Themed Books for kids

With earth as a starting point, a young astronaut leads readers on a tour past each planet and on to the stars, answering simple questions about our solar system.

Kitten’s First Full Moon, by Kevin Henkes

It is Kitten’s first full moon, and when she sees it she thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky. And she wants it. Does she get it? Well, no . . . and yes. What a night!

Little Kids First Big Book of Space, by National Geographic

Space Themed Books for kids

These colorful pages will introduce young children to the wonders of space, beginning with what is most familiar to kids and expanding out into the universe.

Papa, please get the moon for me, by Eric Carle

Space Themed Books for kids

Monica wants to play with the moon, but she can’t quite seem to reach it. Will her father be able to make her dream come true?

Mooncake, by Frank Asch

Space Themed Books for kids

Bear builds a rocket to take him to the moon so he can taste it.

Happy Birthday, Moon, by Frank Asch

Space Themed Books for kids

When a bear discovers that the moon shares his birthday, he buys the moon a beautiful hat as a present.

ABC Universe, by American Museum of Natural History

Space Themed Books for kids

From an astronaut in space to Voyageryellow dwarf, and zenith, this ABC board book opens up the entire universe to young wannabe Astro Physicists.

On the Moon, by Anna Milbourne

Let your imagination fly – soar into space and take a trip to the moon. Featuring photographs with real images of the moon and fun puzzles after the story to consolidate learning. 

If You Decide to Go to the Moon, by Faith Mcnulty

Space Themed Books for kids

This book will tell you how to get to the moon, in case you decide to pay it a visit, and what to do after you land. The most important part tells you how to get home. 

Explore My World: Planets, by National Geographic Kids

Space Themed Books for kids

Curious kids will learn about the different planets in our solar system, including our own precious planet, Earth!

The Three Little Aliens & The Big Bad Robot, by Margaret McNamara

Space Themed Books for kids

Three little aliens are happily settling into their new homes when the Big Bad Robot flies in to whack their houses down! A chase across the solar system follows.

Hedgie Blasts Off, by Jan Brett

Space Themed Books for kids

More than anything Hedgie wants to be an astronaut and travel into space. He gets his chance the day the geyser, Big Sparkler, starts to sputter and fade. Because only Hedgie can fit into a small space ship, he flies to Mikkop, where he not only finds out what is clogging up Big Sparkler, but fixes the problem in a most unusual way. 

Busy People: Astronaut, by Lucy M. George

It’s a busy day for astronauts Jenny, Chen and Kim. They are going to the space station on an important mission. The crew are there to help them but what is wrong with Robo-bot?

Mousetronaut, by Astronaut Mike Kelly

Space Themed Books for kids

A small mouse wants nothing more than to travel to outer space. The little mouse works as hard as the bigger mice to show readiness for the mission, and is chosen for the flight! While in space, the astronauts are busy with their mission when disaster strikes—and only the smallest member of the crew can save the day.

Smart Kids: Space, by Rodger Priddy

From the Solar System to the Milky Way, from Mars to Mercury, from UFOs to the Space Shuttle, this is an ideal first guide to the mysteries and wonders of our incredible universe.

MAe Among The Stars, by Roda Ahmed

Space Themed Books for kids

Little Mae’s curiosity, intelligence, and determination, matched with her parents’ encouraging words, paved the way for her incredible success at NASA as the first African American woman to travel in space.

Becoming an Astronaut, by Martha Elizabeth Hillman Rustad

Space Themed Books for kids

What does it take to become an astronaut? How do astronauts train to be in outer space? This book will answer both these questions for curious little readers.

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