Senses of Smell & Taste Booklist for Kids

This Sense of Smell and Taste booklist for kids will go great with the 5 Senses theme. Children will learn more about how we experience our surroundings with our noses and tongues through these beautifully illustrated and engaging picture books.

Smell & taste Books for kids

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Llama, Llama Yum Yum Yum, by Anna Dewdney

Join in the fun with Llama Llama and his Mama in the kitchen, by reading along and scratching and sniffing the fun scents!

MMMM, Cookies, by Robert Munsch

Christopher decides to cook up some mischief by shaping some clay into cookies, and then decorating them with pretend sugar, icing and raisins. His parents are not so impressed when they take a bite out of these. At school, Christopher’s teacher helps the class make the best cookies ever.

The 5 Senses: Smell, by Maria Rius, J.M. Parramon & J.J. Puig

This colorful book focuses on the wonders of the sense of smell through easy to understand text for younger readers.

Whose Nose is This? by Peg Hall

Let’s peek at lots of animal noses, to see how they function in different ways.

Farley Follows His Nose, by Lynn Johnston

Farley is always hungry and goes wherever his nose leads him. But as one smell follows another, soon Farley finds himself in a part of town he’s never seen before. Will he be able to find his way back home?

Something Smells, by Blake Liliane Hellman

Elliot wakes up one morning to the most terrible smell. But what could it be? He searches everywhere, but just can’t find it. His mother wants him to take a bath, which means he has to take off his super cool skeleton costume that he has worn since Halloween. And guess what! When he gets out of the bath, the smell is gone.

Smelling Things, by Allan Fowler

An fun introduction to the sense of smell, in big book format.

The Food Alphabet ABC Book, by Lucy Ann Carrol

With many beautiful illustrations, this Alphabet Book introduces words and phrases of Fruits, Vegetables and so much more! Perfect for developing vocabulary and language skills.

The 5 Senses: Taste, by Maria Rius, J.M. Parramon & J.J. Puig by Lucy Ann Carrol

A colorful book that focuses on the wonders of the sense of taste through easy to understand text for younger readers.

Gladys Goes Out to Lunch, by Derek Anderson

At the zoo Gladys eats bananas for breakfast, for lunch, and even for dinner. One day she smells something much better than bananas.
What could it be?

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Cocomelon Kids Sensory Science Kit – 5 Experiments – Scented Dough, Textured Balls and Magnifier

PlayMonster Science4you – 19 Engaging Experiments for Children to Explore Their World – Fun, Education Activity for Kids Ages 4+

Creative Kids Blippi Science Kit- Sensory Lab

If you are looking for a week filled with fun Math & Literacy Centers & Printables all about the Senses of Smell & Taste, click on the images below.

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