Senses of Smell & Taste Action Songs

What better way to learn all about the sense of hearing than through some fun Action Songs & Rhymes?! The Senses of Smell & Taste Action Songs in this list will get your kids grooving in no time at all.

I Have 5 Senses: Smell – Jack Hartmann

The 5 Senses – Harry Kindergarten Music

The sense of Taste! – Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching

Nose and Sense of Smell – Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching

How Your Nose Works? – Peekaboo Kidz

5 Senses Song – The Taste Song – Prismart TV

I Have 5 Senses: Taste – Jack Hartmann

The Taste Song (SINGLE) – ChuChu TV

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Sense of Smell and Taste Free Lesson Plan

Or if you are looking for Math and Literacy Centers and Printables, click on the images below to download. Perfect to go with these Sense of Smell & Taste Action Songs.


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