Sight Words Center Games and Worksheets


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Pre-K Sight Word Word cards, 8 Centers and 1 set of worksheets covering all the Pre-K sight Words ( a, find, is, not, three, and, for, it, one, to, away, funny, jump, play, two, big, go, little, red, up, blue, help, look, run, we, can, here, make, said, where, come, I me, see, yellow, down, in, my, the, you).

Centers included:

  • Say it, Build it, Write it
  • Number, Color, Shape and Picture Hunt (Write the Room)
  • Roll, Read & write
  • Bingo
  • Build a Monster, Rocket, Train, Cat or Robot Dice Game
  • Cath a Sight Word
  • I have/ Who has cards
  • Spinner Game



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