Sight Word Sets


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5 Sets that covers all the Pre-K Sight Words (a, find, is, not, three, and, for, it, one, to, away, funny, jump, play, two, big, go, little, red, up, blue, help, look, run, we, can, here, make, said, where, come, I me, see, yellow, down, in, my, the, you). Each set includes:

  • An Emergent Reader
  • Pocket Chart Sentences for the Emergent Reader
  • ‘Read it, Build it, Write it’ Center
  • Sight Word Cards
  • ‘Spin, Read & Write’ Center
  • ‘Roll, Read & Write’ Center
  • 8 Sight Word Worksheets
  • Color, Number, Picture or Shape Hunt Write The Room Centers
  • ‘Catch a Sight Word’ Center
  • ‘Build a (Rocket)!’ Dice Game







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