Weekend News Journal


A perfect way to look back at all the best Pre-K memories 🙂


This book consists of 2 pages:

The Weekend News: On Monday mornings we always have a discussion on what everyone did on their weekends. Each child gets a chance to tell their friends what they have done. Afterwards, they go to their tables and draw a picture of what they just said. The teacher will write underneath what they have done (preferably in their own words).

My favorite activity this week: On Fridays we re-cap what we have learnt during the week. Each child gets a turn to tell their friends what their favorite activity was. Afterwards, they draw a picture of it, or the teacher can take pictures during the week of all the activities and they can stick this picture on the page.

I keep all the pages and at the end of the year assemble it into a book. It’s a great way to see how far each child has come with regards to language ability and drawing. And what a perfect way to store all the Pre-K memories :).


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