Land, Air or Water Transport Bulletin Board



This pack includes 14 coloring pictures of land, air or water transportation, their labels and templates for road, waves and railroad tracks. Everything you will need to make an interactive bulletin board with your children.

  1. Cut out and laminate the pictures of the roads, railroad tracks and clouds.
  2. Use the wave template to cut out waves using blue construction paper, enough to cover the bottom side of your board.
  3. Use light blue construction paper as the sky background and staple to clouds onto this.
  4. Use green construction paper as the land part of the bulletin board.
  5. Staple or pin the cut-outs of the roads and the railway tracks on these.
  6. Hand out the coloring pictures of the vehicles to the children and ask them to color and cut these out.
  7. Teacher cut out and laminate the labels for re-use
  8. When children are done ask them to come up to the bulletin board, tell the teacher if their vehicle is land, air or sea transport and let the teacher spin it in the correct area on the board.
  9. Don’t forget to pin the label near it.
  10. And you have a bulletin board!


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