Busy Bee Activity Book


A no-prep activity book full of hands-on activities that can keep those busy bees busy for a week while having a whole bunch of fun.


The following pages are included in this activity book:

  • I can make my own patterns! (Use yellow and black dot stickers to make busy bee patterns)
  • Parts of a Bee Cut-and-Paste worksheets
  • Fingerprint Bees Addition with dice worksheet
  • Things that rhyme with Bee Cut-and-Paste worksheet
  • ‘I can draw a Bee!’, ‘I can draw a Flower!’, ‘I can draw a Honeycomb!’ and ‘I can draw a Beehive’ drawing worksheets
  • ‘I can mix colors to paint a flower!’ (Children mix blue and yellow to paint the leaves green, red and blue to paint the petals purple and red and yellow to paint the middle orange)
  • ‘I can build a bee with shapes!’ worksheet (Children use pre-cut ovals, rectangles, circles and a triangle to make a bee. When they are done they count and record the amount of each of the shapes they used)
  • 2 Busy Bee Ten Frames worksheets


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