Editable Name Printable Activity Book


An editable name printable book for preschoolers to practice learning to read and write their names.


This product includes 5 printable pages.

1.Teacher can edit all the letters on the worksheets before printing.

2. On the ‘My name is ….’ page the teacher will trace the child’s name in big, bold letters. The child can then decorate the name with stickers, feathers or anything shiny and pretty.

3. ‘I can trace it with my finger…’: Children trace each letter in their name and name the letter.

4. ‘I can make it with playdough …’: Children roll play dough and use it to form the letters of their names

5.‘I can make it …’: Child cut out all the letters of their name on the next page of the book and paste it in the correct order on this page. Teachers can edit the number of letters needed simply by deleting the table and inserting a new one with the same amount of letters

6.‘I can write it …’: Child uses colorful markers to write their name.


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