A Theme-a-Month: Transportation



Air Transportation Pack

– ‘Hot-Air Balloon’ Math Center

– ‘Dice Game’ Math Center

– ‘Kite Tails’ Math Center

– ‘Ten Little Helicopters’ Math Sequencing

– ‘We all go travelling by’ Literacy Sequencing

– ‘Find the hot-air balloon’ Circle Time

– ‘Emergent Reader and Sight Word Center’

– ‘Write the Room’ Literacy Center

– ‘If I can fly anywhere!’ class book

– ‘Boarding a plane’ pretend play

– ‘Have you ever been on a …?’ Circle Time Pictograph


Land Transportation Pack

– Hot-Air Balloon Addition Math Center

– Land, Air or Sea Transportation Board Game Math Center

– Name Trains Craft and Survey

– Engine Engine Number 9 Rhythm activity

– Parking Lot Upper- and Lower-Case Letter Matching Literacy Center

– Roll & Write Beginning Sounds Literacy Center

– Roll & Throw Hand-Eye Coordination Literacy Center

– Land, Air or Water Transport Bulletin Board

– Cover or Color Math Center

– Label the Bus Cut-and-Paste


Water Transportation Pack

Lap Book

– Alphabetic Order

– My Colors!

– Shapes!

– 10 Little Sailboats Sequencing

– Different modes of water transport


Math Centers

– Roll and Color Pictograph

– Roll and Draw Shapes Center

– Counting with pipe cleaners and beads number cards


Circle Time Printables

– Where is the diver?

– Have you ever seen a …? Pictograph

– Picture cards and cards for a memory game


Science Activity

– Sink or Float Printable


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