A Theme-a-Month: The 5 Senses


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Sense of Touch and Review Pack:


– Pocket Chart Sorting Activity

– Color and Black & White ‘Roll and Cover/Color’ Dice Activity.

– ‘My 5 Senses’ drawing and writing book.

– Center Sorting Activity

– Cut-and-Paste Sorting Worksheet



– Divide the raisins evenly

– ‘Count the pictures and color them the same as their numeral’ Activity Sheet

– Complete the Patterns

– Complete the Pictograph

– Add all the pictures and record the answer


Sense of Hearing Pack:

– Polar Bear, Polar Bear Sequencing

– Polar bear, Polar Bear Role Play

– Sense of Hearing Scavenger Hunt

– Memory game cards for circle time

– Animal action cards for circle time

– Ice Cube Tray and Pom-Pom’s Math Center

– 3D Numerals with Duplo Blocks Math Center

– Numbers 1 – 10 Play Dough Cards

– Snap Cubes Math Center

– 6 Teddy Bear Counters Centers (‘Grab & Count’, Number Cards 1 – 20, Color Sort, ‘Roll & Cover’, Addition Mats & Pattern Cards)


Sense of Sight Pack:

– 2 ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ Math worksheets (‘I Spy’ and Counting 1 – 10)

– Brown Bear Role Play Set

– Brown Bear Handprint Class Book (Art Activity)

– Brown Bear M&M’ Graphing Math Center

– My 5 Senses Walk Circle Time Activity

– ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ Pocket Chart Sentences

– Spin & Color Literacy Center


Senses of Smell & Taste Packs:



– Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum: Cut out the pictures and paste it under the correct heading. What did llama Llama have for breakfast?

– Food ABC: Color the picture of the food and the beginning sound the same.

– Farley follows his nose: Good Smell/ Bad Smell Cut-and-Paste

– Something Smells: Smell Scavenger Hunt



– Numerals and one-on-one correspondence cut-and-paste

– ‘Grab & Count’ Center

– ‘Roll & Write’ center

– I have/ who has cards (numbers 1 – 10 and 2D shapes)

– ‘Roll & Cover’ Center

– ‘Roll and Color’ shapes game


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