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A Theme-a-Month: Nature


Seasons & Clothes Pack

– ‘Laundry Day’ Math and Literacy Center

– Clothes Bingo

– ‘Clothes Rhyming Puzzles’ Literacy Center

– ‘Season’s Sorting’ cut-and-paste worksheet

– Season’s word cards

– 5 Math worksheets

– ‘What will you wear?’ class book

– ‘Dress the Child’ cut-and-paste


Tiny Seed and Fruits & Veggies Pack:

– ‘I Spy’ Math Center

– ‘Fruits & Vegetables’ board game

– ‘Fruits & Vegetables Store’ role play pack

– ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ Circle Time Sorting

– ‘My Food Journal’

– ‘Plant Flip Book’

– ‘Plant Observation Journal’

– ‘Plants We Eat’ Sorting Activity and Worksheet

– ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ Riddle Cards

– 3 Seeds Math Centers

– ‘The Tiny Seed’ Sequencing Book

– ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ Bingo


Weather Themed Pack:

– Counting On Dice Game

– ‘I Spy’ Graphing Activity

– ‘Raindrop Counting Play dough Mats

– ‘Shape Clouds’ cotton wool activity

– Raindrops Addition

– Sentence Builder Flip Book Literacy Activity

– Weather Report Book

– Snap Cards


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