Insects Math and Literacy Centers and Activities



Included in the Insects Math and Literacy Centers and Activities product are 4 packs (one topic per week) :

Insects (After reading ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’ by Eric Carle)
* 8 Measuring Cards (Math center).
* 8 Insect ‘Build a Bug’ cards play dough activity (Math Center).
* 4 ‘Roll it, Show it, Write it’ cards (Math Center).
* 12 insect word cards with cute illustrations.
* 6 ‘Write the Room’ sheets that can be laminated for re-use.
* 8 ‘Move like a Bug’ cards that can be laminated for re-use.
* ‘Parts of an Insect’ cut-and-paste worksheet.
* 10 ‘Fun Facts’ cards that can be used in a sensory bin activity.
* The ‘Very Quiet Cricket’ class book (I am very quiet when I …).

The Grouchy Ladybug
* Class book (We get grouchy when…).
* CVC words Literacy Center (On ladybugs!).
* The Grouchy ladybug Sequencing Cut-and-Paste activity and emergent reader.
* Ladybug Addition (Math Center).
* Ladybug Ten Frame and Numbers cards for a matching activity or memory game (Math center).
* ‘Trace the Numbers’ sheets that can be laminated for re-use (numbers 1 – 20).

The Busy Bee Activity book
* I can make my own patterns! (Use yellow and black dot stickers to make busy bee patterns).
* Parts of a Bee Cut-and-Paste worksheet.
* Fingerprint Bees Addition with dice worksheet.
* Things that rhyme with Bee Cut-and-Paste worksheet.
* ‘I can draw a Bee!’, ‘I can draw a Flower!’, ‘I can draw a Honeycomb!’ and ‘I can draw a Beehive’ drawing worksheets.
* ‘I can mix colors to paint a flower!’ (Children mix blue and yellow to paint the leaves green, red and blue to paint the petals purple and red and yellow to paint the middle orange).
* ‘I can build a bee with shapes!’ worksheet (Children use pre-cut ovals, rectangles, circles and a triangle to make a bee. When they are done they count and record the amount of each of the shapes they used).
* 2 Busy Bee Ten Frames worksheets.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
* ‘Feed the Caterpillar’ Literacy Center.
* Sequencing cut-and-paste activity.
* ‘Butterfly and Flowers’ number line addition Math Center.
* ‘Graph it’ Math Center.
* Butterfly Life Cycle cut-and-paste worksheet.
* Flap Book sequencing activity.
* Beginning Sound Match (Literacy Center).


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