A Theme a Month – Community Helpers


Doctors & Dentists Pack:
– ‘Sorting Activity’ Literacy Center
– ‘Doctors and Dentists’ word cards and Circle Time pictograph
– 3 crafts (brush the tooth with white paint, doctor’s bag and marshmallow counting graph)
– Magnetic letter Beginning Sounds Literacy Center
– ‘Clinic Role Play’ set
– ‘Upper and Lower Case Band Aid Matching’ Literacy Center
– ‘Write it, Tally it, Make it’ Math center
Firefighters & Police Officer Activity Book:
– Dice, Pictures and Counting Fingers Number Matching Cut-and-Paste
– ‘Circle the letter that each picture begins with’ beginning sounds
– ‘Help the firefighter find the path to the fire engine by coloring numbers 1-15’
– ‘Color the pictures in each row that begin with the same sound’
– ‘Addition Practice’
– ‘Investigating Fingerprints’
– ‘Cut out the puzzle pieces and build the puzzle to find the secret color word. Write the word, then color the picture the same color’
-‘Count all the pictures and complete the pictograph’
– ‘Cut out the pictures and match to the correct shape on the ‘Traffic Sign Shapes’ page’
-‘Make your own patterns’
-‘Color, Stamp & Trace’ numbers 1 – 9
-‘Help the police officer find the path to the police car by coloring lower case letter a – z’
– ‘Color the set that has less’
– ‘Paint the fire using yellow and red paint and see the magic happen!’
– ‘Police hat and badge paper craft’
– Two Bingo Sets (numbers 1 – 20 and Police officer and Firefighter vocabulary)
Construction Themed Pack:
– 10 ‘Building Words’ cards
– 2 Colorful and two black & white ‘Hammer the Syllable’ sheets
– 8 ‘Building Shapes’ with popsicle sticks cards
– 6 ‘Measuring Brick Walls’ cards
– Duplo Blocks Symmetry Center
– Duplo Blocks 3D numerals and ten-frame Center
– Duplo Blocks ‘Build a City’ Center
– 2 ‘Color by Number’ coloring sheets
– 4 ‘Letter Tower’ Literacy center sheets


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