A Theme a Month – All About Me


4 Back to School & All About Me Themed Weekly Activity packs are included in this product:
Back to School & All About Me Pack
– All About Me Printable Book
– Back to School Lesson Plan
– Classroom Helper Helping Hands Set
– A Monster Themed Complete Circle Time Printable
– Duplo Blocks 3D Numerals and Ten Frames Math Center
– Ice Cube Tray and Pom-Pom’s Fine Motor Center
– Numbers 1 – 10 Play Dough Mats
– Snap Cubes Task Cards Manipulatives Center
– Symmetrical Coloring Visual Discrimination Center
My Body Pack
– Body Parts word cards – Body Parts Bingo – ‘I have/ who has’ body parts card game
– ‘Body Parts’ roll and cover dice game
– ‘My Feelings’ drawing, writing and coloring book – ‘Cut and paste’ body parts worksheet
– All About Me Book of Numbers
– Editable Names Printable Book
– My Body Lesson Plan
– Preschool Journal
Home & Family Pack
* 3 Little Pigs Pack:
– Word cards with illustrations (both readable and traceable) – Pocket chart sentences. – Read, Build and Write activity – Stick puppets and 3 houses to decorate for a role play activity. – Cut, paste and write letter sounds worksheet. – Cut, paste and re-tell worksheet. – Lacing cards – Size sorting – Cut and paste pattern worksheets
– Numbers 1 – 20 sequencing puzzle
* The Growing Up Class Book
* Goldilocks Size Sorting Cut-and-Paste & Story Props
* Lesson Plan
My Feelings Pack
– Bingo
– Feelings Race Board Game
– Expression Cards
– Color Monster Science Activity
– My Feelings Book
– Play Dough Mats & Connector Cubes Math Centers
– Spin, Draw & Write Literacy Center
– ‘The Pout-Pout Fish’ Sequencing Activity


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