A Theme a Month – All About Animals


Included in the Bundle:
Aquatic Animals Pack:
– 4 ‘The Rainbow Fish’ worksheets as well as a link to a website where you will find free printable story props.
– 14 word cards with colorful pictures as well as 3 printable headings to categorize the animals into on a graph; those that live on land and on land and water, those with legs and without and those with fins, scales or feathers.
– ‘Feed the Shark’ Math Center
– ‘Jellyfish Counting’ Math Center
– ‘Roll, Say and Cover or Color’ Literacy Center
– ‘Letter Fishing’ Literacy center
Farm Animals Pack:
– Farm animal word cards with real farm animal pictures
– ‘Feed the Cow!’ Math Center
– ‘Count and color the farm animals’
– ‘I Spy’ and Patterns Cut-and-Paste worksheets
– ‘My Farm Animal Book of Colors’ emergent reader and writing center activity.
– Six 2D shapes Play Dough Cards
– 2 Sets of 8 Measure & Compare Cards
– ‘Who sank the boat?’ by Pamela Allen activities:
1. Farm animal pictures to use as stick puppets for a re-tell activity.
2. ‘How to fold an origami paper boat’ instructions.
3. Sheep, pig, cow, donkey and mouse masks for a role-play activity.
Zoo Animals Pack:
– 16 Wild Animal Picture and Word cards.
– ‘Handa’s Surprise’ cut-and-paste emergent reader.
– ‘Roll and Write’ the numbers Math Center
– ‘Roll and Draw’ the shapes Math Center
– ‘Magnetic Letter Beginning Sound Match’ Literacy Center.
– 8 ‘Move like the Animals’ cards
– ‘Bingo’: 2 Sets of Bingo Cards. One set has only pictures of the animals and the other set only the words.
– 2 ‘Graph the Animals’ sets.
Pets Themed Pack:
– Add it, Build it, Write it Math Center
– Rhyming Puzzles Writing Center
– Bingo
– ‘This is my …’ Emergent Reader
– Complete the Patterns Cut-and-Paste Worksheets
– Pets Race Board Game (Literacy Center)
– Pet Movement and Sound Cards for Charades


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