Pirate Themed Math Activities

The Pirates Themed Activities were a lot of fun and the kids had a blast! They loved making Pirate Hats and Telescopes, Sorting coins and making patterns with these, going on a treasure hunt and making their very own Pirate story up and putting this in a big class book. The Pirate Themed Math Activities are great for developing your young learners’ counting, sorting and fine-motor skills.

Pirate Themed Math Activities

What you need:

  • Plastic Coins
  • Pattern cards printed out and laminated
  • Dice
  • Containers for sorting the coins

Math center 1: Coin Sort

Cut out and laminate the pictures of the coins provided in the free lesson plan at the beginning of this post. Stick these on the side of little containers. Children use plastic coins to sort into the correct containers.

Pirates Themed Activities
Click on the images to download the free printable

Math center 2: Coin Patterns

Print out and laminate the pattern mats you will find on the next page. Children use plastic coins to make ABAB, ABC, ABBA and AABB patterns.

Math center 3: Roll & Stack

Put some plastic coins in a container. Children throw a dice and stack that number of coins. Throw the dice again, and stack that number of coins on top of the previous stack. Continue until the stack falls over.

Math center 4: Roll & Save

Put some plastic coins in a little container. Children throw a dice, then take that number of plastic coins and put them in a piggy bank. Continue until time is over.

Click on the images below to download the Pirates Themed Math & Literacy Centers for the week.

Pirates Themed Activities

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