Pets Themed Board Race

The Pets Themed Activities were a hit with all involved – learning about pets and their homes, making sandwiches that looks like dogs, building animal homes, making split-pin pet characters and pets out of 2D shapes, and pretending to visit a pet store. The Pets Themed Board Race is great for developing young learners’ counting, word recognition and fine-motor skills.

Pets Themed Board Race

Pets themed activities

What you need:

  • Board Game printed out and laminated
  • Dice
  • Counters

How to complete the activity:

Cut out the ‘Take a Chance’ cards and stick the ‘?’ cards on the back. Then laminate. Rules: Each child throws a dice. The child with the highest number starts first, Throw the dice. Move that many spaces forward.  Look at the space you landed on and say the name of the animal out loud. Now pick up a ‘Take a Chance’ card. If the animal on the card is the same as the animal you landed on; you get to keep the cards. If the animal on the card and the background color is the same as the space you landed on, you get to keep the card and throw the dice again. Continue until all players have finished the game. The one with the most cards wins.

Pets themed activities for kids
Click on the image to download the printable center

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Pet themed booklist for kids

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