Pets Themed Bingo

The Pets Themed Activities were a hit with all involved – learning about pets and their homes, making sandwiches that looks like dogs, building animal homes, making split-pin pet characters and pets out of 2D shapes, and pretending to visit a pet store. The Pets Themed Bingo Set is great for developing young learners’ listening and word recognition skills.

Pets Themed bingo

Pets themed activities

What you need:

  • Bingo Set printed out and laminated
  • Bingo Chips

How to complete the activity:

Place all of the call-out cards in a bucket, hat or bag and mix them up. The caller should select a card without looking. Have players mark the square with a picture of the same beginning sound with a chip when they hear a letter that appears on their card. Players shout “BINGO!” when they get a full line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) or a full card.

Pets Themed Activities
Click on the image to download the printable Bingo set

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Pet themed booklist for kids

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