My Body Booklist for Early Years


This is a My Body booklist that goes great with the All About Me theme, and learning about our amazing human bodies. Young learners will learn more about being aware of their bodies in order to grow up healthy. These books cover everything From Head to Toes, and Everything in Between.

The Skin You Live In, by Michael Tyler

This lively story promotes acceptance between the little ones through the ease and simplicity of a nursery rhyme.

Parts, by Tedd Arnold

A little boy worries when he notices disturbing things about this body, like losing hair, peeling skin and ‘boogers’. His parents explain that al these “lost parts” renew themselves, after pages of hysterical thoughts.

Jessica’s X-Ray, by Pat Zonta

Jessica’s X-Ray takes a unique look inside our bodies and the world of x-rays. It was written by a professional x-ray technologist who has worked extensively with children and features six real x-rays.

I’m Growing! By Aliki

Young readers come to understand how their bodies change and grow inside and outside, through these simple words and delightful pictures.

Inside Your Outside! By Trish Rabe

Sally and Dick go for a ride through the human body where they visit the brain, scuba dive through the blood system, follow food and water through the digestive tract, and a whole lot more!

My Amazing Body! By Pat Thomas

This lively picture book explores the importance of a good diet and lots of exercise. It encourages young learners to make positive decisions about taking care of themselves. 

Hear Your Heart, by Paul Showers

Your heart is always beating, whether you’re asleep or awake. Through this book, children will find out how the heart works and how to make sure it stays healthy.

What is Poo? by Katie Daynes

Children can lift the flaps to find the answers and discover how much poo an elephant does, what you can do with poo and so much more amazing things, all about poo.

Me and My Amazing Body, by Joan Sweeney

This playful introduction to anatomy explains all the important parts of your body and helps children appreciate everything their amazing bodies can do.

Eyes, Nose, Fingers & Toes, by Judy Hindley

From a wiggle of their shoulders to a stomp of their feet, a group of toddlers happily explores the many ways to use their bodies.

Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup & Yawn, by Melvin Berger

A cute science book that helps young children understand how the reflexes in their body do things without them even thinking about it. It even includes some fun experiments.

My Body, by Jill McDonald

This Hello, World! board book teaches younger children all about the human body, with shapes, sizes, colors, and super-simple facts.

My Feet, by Aliki

With simple words and delightful pictures, all the ways in which our feet are important to us are explained. Our feet help us balance, hold us up and take us wherever we want to go. 

Dem Bones, by Bob Barner

Enthusiastic members of a skeleton band jump across the pages, strumming guitars and blowing horns while imparting bits of relevant information about our bones.

The Nose Book, by Al Perkins

Noses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and are handy to have for sniffling, smelling, and . . . playing horns? This silly story offers little ones a first look at the nose and all that it does.

The Eye Book, by Theo Lesieg

This simple book gives little ones a whole new appreciation for all the wonderful things to be seen, as seen through the eyes of Dr. Suess!

The Foot Book, Dr. Suess

From slow feet to quick feet to trick feet to sick feet, The Foot Book not only features a fleet of funny feet, but teaches children about opposites. Perfect for nurturing a love of reading.

The Ear Book, by Al Perkins

A super simple look at some of the sounds we hear with our ears. With lots of sound effects this book makes for a perfect read-aloud.

My Hands, by Aliki

In this delightful book, young learners become aware of just how many ways our hands are used every day. We clap, we wave, we push, we pull, we scratch, we dig and we tickle.

Power Up, by Seth Fishman

This book uses bite-sized explanations to explore the fact that we’re made of energy and everything we do takes energy. “You are a fireball,” “Look at your pinkie. That little finger has enough energy to light up one of the biggest cities in the world for an entire day.”

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