Kite Addition with Plastic Links

If you are looking for a fun and hands-on Transportation themed Math activity, you have come to right place! The ‘Kite Addition with Plastic Links’ Math center is great for developing your young learner’s fine motor, addition, counting and number recognition skills.

Kite Addition with Plastic Links

What you need:

  • Plastic Links
  • Kite pictures laminated and cut out
  • Whiteboard Markers

How to use this resource:

Cut out the pictures of the kites and laminate. Punch a hole in the bottom corner.

Children look at the first number on the kite and add that many links (the first one goes through the punched hole). They then look at the second number and add that many links. When they are done, they count all the links that has been added and write the total in the circle on the kite.

Air Transportation Printables

Download the activity by clicking on the image below.

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