Goldilocks Activities for Pre-K, Kindergarten & Gr 1.

If you are looking for some engaging activities for this classic fairy tale, you have come to the right place! Using these Goldilocks activities, children in Pre-K, Kindergarten or Grade 1 will develop their sequencing and story re-telling skills, learn about size sorting and have lots of fun.

Goldilocks Story Re-Tell Props

What you need:

  • Print outs of the colorful pictures. Simply laminate and cut out
  • Blu-Tack
  • A wall or whiteboards

How to use this resource:

Read the story to the children or watch it on YouTube here. When you are done, give each child some of the laminated pictures and ask them to hold it.

Start re-telling the story, and if children holds the picture of a certain character or object as you re-tell the story, they come to the front and stick it on the board/ wall. For example: ‘Once upon a time, there were 3 bears who lived happily in a house in the forest’ – Children with the pictures of the three bears and the house comes to the front and stick these on the board. Continue until the end of the story.

Goldilocks Size Sorting Cut-and-Paste

What you need:

  • Cut-and-Paste Worksheets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloring pencils/ markers/ crayons
  • Trays to put the cut-outs of the pictures in

How to use this resource:

Ask children to color the pictures and when they are done to cut these out. Talk about big, medium and small objects and animals. For example, ‘Elephants are big, lions are medium sized and dogs are small.’ etc.

Children can then go ahead and paste the pictures into the correct spaces on the worksheet.

Goldilocks Size Sorting and Story Props
Click on the image to download the Sorting Activity and Story Props!

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