Firefighters & Police officers Books

Community helpers are all around us. The helpers that really seem to captivate our children’s attention are Firefighters & Police Officers. These Firefighters and Police Officers Books will explore children’s curiosity about these awesome community helpers.

Books about Firefighters & Police Officers for kids

Firefighters & Police Officers Books

Firefighters Handbook, by Meghan McCarthy

Books about Firefighters for kids

There are many things you have to accomplish before becoming a firefighter! From training with a team to going to the Firefighter Academy. Learn about the tools firefighters use, the kinds of trucks firefighters drive, and the dangerous situations they find themselves in as they put their lives on the line to help others.

Police Officers on Patrol, by Kersten Hamilton

Books about Firefighters for kids

Any situation is under control when these police officers are around!

I want to be a Firefighter! by Richard Merritt

Books about Firefighters for kids

Imagine what it’s like to be a firefighter! Putting on the uniform, jumping into the truck to rush off and to put out a fire!

Goodnight Fire Engines, by Adam Gamble

Books about Firefighters for kids

Children of all ages ride fire engines with horns blowing, sirens blazing, and lights flashing. Featured are firefighters, fire hats and gear, firehoses, hydrants, firehouses, dispatch rooms, heavy rescue vehicles, antique fire engines, toy fire engines, and so much more.

Tito, The Firefighter, by Tim Hoppey

Books about firefighters for kids

A young Spanish speaking boy helps firefighters in his neighborhood when a Spanish speaking man needs help.

Touch & Feel: Fire Engine, by Tim Hoppey

Books about firefighters for kids

Featuring pictures of everything related to fire engines, Touch and Feel: Fire Engine is perfect for little wannabe Firefighters. It’s filled with simple text, realistic photography and fun textures.

Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete, by Tim Hoppey

Books about firefighters for kids

Pete and his classmates get to try on the helmets, slide down the pole and meet all the brave firefighters on their field trip to the fire station. When the alarm goes off, Pete gets to help the firefighters save the day!

This is the Firefighter, by Laura Godwin

Books about firefighters for kids

When he fire alarm sounds, the firefighter jumps in the truck and races to a dangerous rescue!

I want to be a Police Officer, by Laura Driscoli

Books about firefighters for kids

There are many different ways to be a police officer. Readers meet police officers who protect people, investigate crimes, and even work with trained dogs.

Keeping You Safe: A Book About Police Officers, by Laura Driscoli

Books about police officers for kids

Through easy-to-read text and fun illustrations, this picture book introduces us to the important job of police officers. It describes what a police officer is, how their police car works, and the awesome things they do to keep people safe.

Let’s meet a Police Officer, by Gina Bellisario

Books about police officers for kids

If you want to learn more about police cars, police dogs and other police tools, then it’s your lucky day! Join Officer Gabby, a police officer that knows how to keep people safe, as she shows a group of kids how she does her job.

Police Officers, by Steven Lioy

Books about police officers for kids

Find out what happens in the career of a police officer in this adorable picture book. Sweet pictures highlight the job of police men, women, and dogs

Flashing Fire Engines, by Tony Mitton

Books about firefighters for kids

Jump aboard a bright red fire engine with three friendly animal firefighters. Sirens wail, lights flash, fire hoses squirt, and fires blaze in this story.

Firefighter Frank, by Monica Wellington

Books about firefighters for kids

Spend a day with Frank as he works at the firehouse, visits a school to give safety lessons, and is called to the scene to put out a fire with his colleagues.

Firehouse! by Mark Teague

Books about firefighters for kids

“Join Edward and his cousin Judy as they spend a hilarious day learning how to be firefighters. From a fire drill that leads to a slippery slide down a fire pole, to a hysterical battle with an out-of-control fire hose, Edward is in for an action-packed adventure. And when faced with a real emergency, it’s Edward who saves the day!” – Amazon

My Mom is a Firefighter, by Lois G. Grambling

Books about firefighters for kids

“Billy has two families—his mom and dad, and his firehouse “uncles,” who work with his mom. Having a firehouse family is lots of fun. But Billy also knows that firefighters have an important job to do, protecting people and putting out fires. To get the job done right, they all have to work as a team—even Billy can lend a hand!” – Amazon

If you are looking for two weeks filled with fun activities all about Firefighters and Police Officers, click on the image below to download all of the printables needed.

Firefighters & Police Officers Printables


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