Firefighters & Police Officers Bingo

Children love to pretend to be Firefighters, Doctors, Construction Workers, Musicians, Artists and anything grown-up. The Firefighters & Police Officers Bingo Set is great for developing young children’s vocabulary and fine-motor skills.

Activity 3: Police Officers & Firefighters Bingo

What you need:

  • Bingo Cards printed out and laminated
  • Plastic counters

How to complete the activity:

We did this activity as a whole class. The children sat in a circle and the teacher picked up the Bingo cards and said the word out loud. We continued playing until everyone had Bingo’d!

Firefighters & Police Officers Bingo
Click on the image to download the Bingo Set

Find a whole week of Firefighters & Police Officers themed printables, centers and activities by clicking on the image below.

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