Fingerprint Caterpillars Math Activity

The Butterfly & Caterpillar Themed Activities were a lot of fun and the kids had a blast! They loved making stained glass butterflies, learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, eating strawberry butterfly snacks and making butterfly balloons. The Fingerprint Caterpillars Math Activity is great for developing your young learners’ counting and fine-motor skills.

Fingerprint Caterpillars Math Activity

Hungry Caterpillar Activities

What you need:

  • Activity sheets printed out and copied
  • Red and green paint

How to complete the activity:

Children use green and red finger paint to make caterpillars on the sheet that you will find in the free lesson plan. They make one red print for the head of the caterpillar and the same number of green prints as indicated on the activity sheet.

Click on the images below to download the Butterfly & Caterpillar Themed Math & Literacy Centers, Printables and Activities.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities

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