CVC Word Families

It’s very exciting to see young children move from identifying letters and associating these with sounds to sounding out simple words. And it’s great to see how excited they get when they realize they’re starting to read 🙂

CVC words are basic, three-letter words that begin and end with a consonant and have a single short vowel sound in the middle. They are very simple and easy to sound out. Once your children have mastered identifying letter sounds, they are ready to start blending and segmenting.

I have created some CVC Word Centers, a Workbook and Word Cards. You will find everything you need to make your little ones fluent CVC readers in no time at all! Here we go!

Skills & Standards Covered

  • Starting to segment CVC words.
  • Starting to blend CVC words.
  • Identify Pre-K Sight Words.
  • Being able to read from left to right, pointing at the words while reading.

Word Cards

In my class I introduce the word families of the week. I show the children all the word cards and place these on the word wall. We look at it again each morning during Morning Meeting.

Matching Puzzles

I then give each child a word puzzle which you can download by clicking on the image below. Each child puts their puzzle together and then volunteers write their words on the class whiteboard. The rest of the children copy the words down onto their own small whiteboards.

Word Family Centers


A CVC Word Families Bingo Set from the following word families:-od, -op, -ot, -og, -ock, -at, -an, -ap, -ag, -am, -ad, -ack, -as, -up, -un, -ug, -um, -ut, -uck, -it, -id, -ip, -in, -ick, -ig, -im, -en, -et, -eg, -eck

Board Games

This set includes 5 colorful rainbow board games to review CVC word families. Each board game reviews a different short sound word family which are as follows: 

  • -od, -op, -ot, -og, -ock
  • -at, -an, -ap, -ag, -am, -ad, -ack, -as
  • -up, -un, -ug, -um, -ut, -uck
  • -it, -id, -ip, -in, -ick, -ig, -im
  • -en, -et, -eg, -eck


  • Laminate and cut out the game cards.
  • Shuffle the cards and place them face down next to the game board.
  • All children put their game pieces on the START space.
  • Children take turns throwing a dice in clockwise direction.
  • Move that many spaces.
  • When the child lands on a space they pick up a card. If the card is the same word family as the space they are on, they get to keep the card. Continue until there is a winner (that one that passes FINISH first.
  • Children count and read the cards they have.

CVC Word Family Play Dough Mats

13 Play Dough mats, each with a set of picture cards. Children work in pairs and sort the different word families. They then look at the first card, say the word and make the first letter of that word with play dough. The following word families are included:

-od, -op, -ot, -og, -ock,

-at, -an, -ap, -ag, -am, -ad, -ack, -as,

-up, -un, -ug, -um, -ut, -uck,

-it, -id, -ip, -in, -ick, -ig, -im,

-en, -et, -eg, -eck

CVC Word Family Spin & Cover/ Color

CVC Word Families Centers
Spin & Cover/ Color

Use a paper clip and a pencil. Place the pencil in the middle of the circle, over the paper clip. Children spin the paper clip and color or cover whichever word it lands on on their grids. The first one that has colored three in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line, wins.

CVC Word Family Spin & Race

Use a paper clip and a pencil. Place the pencil in the middle of the circle, over the paper clip. Children spin the paper clip and write whichever word it lands on on their grids. They can continue until the time is up and then count how many of each word they wrote.

CVC Word Family Train Worksheets

There are 27 CVC word family worksheets in this pack. Simply cut out the word strips and use it on the letter train for children to ‘magically’  identify CVC words with an illustration. Then write each word in the correct letter puzzle and finally color all the words. Word families included are:

-at, -an, -ap, -ad, -am, -ack,

-et, -ed,-eck,-eg, -en, -ell,

-it, -ig,-ip, -ick, -in, -ish,

-ot, -ob, -ock,

-un, -um, -uck, -ut, -ug  

CVC Word Family Workbook

A CVC word family review workbook that includes 13 cut-and-paste worksheets, 5 review worksheets and 17 ‘Color by Word Families’ worksheets.

Look, Build & Write

To download all the CVC word family centers, workbook and cards, simply click on the image below!

CVC Words Centers and Worksheets