Christmas Themed Bingo

Christmas is one of the kids favorite holidays of the year, and there is so much you can do with it in the classroom to teach the joy of sharing. The Christmas Themed Bingo Activity is great for developing young learners’ visual discrimination skills.

Christmas Themed Bingo

Christmas Themed Activities
Click on the image to download the Christmas Bingo set

What you need:

  • Bingo Set laminated and cut out
  • Bingo Chips

How to complete the activity:

During circle or center time, hand out the bingo cards and 12 bingo chips to each child. The children cover the pictures with the Bingo chips as the teacher calls them out. The first child that covered all the pictures, is the winner and shouts out Bingo! Continue until all the kids had a chance to Bingo.

Click on the images below to download a whole weeks worth of Christmas Themed Math & Literacy Centers, Printables and Activities.

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