Bees Themed Booklist for kids

The children in my class loved learning about bees and their favorite books from this Bees Themed Booklist were the Very Greedy Bee and Buzzy the Bumblebee. I hope your kids love it too!

Bees Themed Booklist for kids

Honeybee’s Busy Day, by Richard Fowler

In this interactive book, young children will have fun taking Honeybee from the cover pocket and setting her on the winding word path back to her beehive.

The Honeybee Man, by Lela Nargi

Every morning, Fred climbs three flights of stairs—up to his rooftop in Brooklyn, New York—and greets the members of his enormous family: “Good morning, my bees, my darlings!” His honeybee workers are busy—they tend the hive, feed babies, and make wax rooms. They also forage in flowers abloom across Brooklyn… so that, one day, Fred can make his famous honey, something the entire neighborhood looks forward to tasting.

The Bee Tree, by Patricia Polacco

When Mary Ellen gets bored with her reading, Grandpa knows a hunt for a bee tree is just what she needs. Half the town joins the exciting chase, but it’s not until everyone returns home that Mary Ellen makes a discovery of her own: Sometimes, even the sweetest of things must be worked for.

Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book, by Britta Teckentrup

Through a hole in the book’s cover, a bee is buzzing inside a flower. Young children can peek into this bright and lively book and discover the big ways this little insect contributes to the beauty of the environment, from pollinating colorful flowers to buzzing about the bright and beautiful meadow.

Little Bee Finger Puppet Book

An adorable little finger puppet peeks through a hole on each page making this book an excellent way to read and play

Buzzy the Bumblebee, by Denise Brennan Nelson

Sitting in a beautiful garden, high atop a flower, the impressionable Buzzy reads in the book, Learn to Fly, the very true fact that, “Bumblebees weren’t made to fly.” He reads again, “Bumblebees weren’t made to fly.” “Stranded on top of a flower/ Buzzy longed to fly away./ His heart still knew how/ But his head had forgotten the way.” The adventure that ensues challenges Buzzy to overcome obstacles without his wings that he had never before thought possible.

The Beeman, by Laurie Krebs

A young child describes the work her Grandpa does to take care of honeybees and harvest the honey they make.

Little Yellow Bee, by Ginger Swift

Follow the Little Yellow Bee as he introduces his friends in the garden including snails, bunnies, ladybugs, and more in this adorable lift-a-flap board book.

The Bee Bully, by Angela Muse

This grumpy little bee does not treat his neighbors very well, but something happens to him that makes him change his ways. He soon learns that treating others with kindness is the best way to earn friends. 

The Very Greedy Bee, by Steve Smallman

MINE! That’s what the very greed bee says to anyone who asks him to share. While all the other bees work hard to clean the hive and make honey, the very greedy bee spends all of his time gobbling pollen and guzzling nectar. Until he can’t fly anymore, that is. Will his friends help him?

Curious George: A Home for Honeybees, by H.A. Rey

George and Steve find themselves in a sticky situation when they accidentally eat all of Betsy’s delicious honeycomb for her Earth Day presentation about bees. Now they need to find a way to replace the honeycomb before Betsy gets back from dance class. They head to an Earth Day fair in the park, where they learn all about bees, beehives, and how bees make honey. All they need to do is make their own beehive and they’ll have plenty of homemade honeycomb!

Ruby Lee, the Bumblebee, by Dawn Matheson

Ashley wants to give up in the face of a challenge, but with Ruby Lee’s encouragement she learns to face her fears and she grows as a result.

Buzz Buzz, Busy Bees, by Dawn Bentley

Buzz Buzz Busy Bees makes learning animal sounds easy and fun. Children love the rhyming story and the fuzzy touch-and-feel bees who buzz by all their barnyard friends. 

These Bees Count! by Alison Formento

How do bees count? The bees at the Busy Bee Farm buzz through the sky as one big swarm, fly over two waving dandelions, find three wild strawberries dripping tasty nectar…As the children in Mr. Tate’s class listen, they learn how bees work to produce honey and make food and flowers grow. Bees count―they’re important to us all.

I Am A Bee, by Rebecca & James McDonald

This bee book for kids explores the life of a honey bee. Children will learn about the hierarchy of the colony: the different positions that bees fill, the work that needs to be done, the steps to accomplish the work, and how the work benefits the bees as a whole, along with the rest of the creatures in the environment. Kids will also learn about the hive, its structure, and what it stores, and so much more.

The Very Busy Bee, by Jack Tickle

Bee is buzzing busily, His friend is buzzing too. But when they sniff the flowers It makes them sneeze ATCHOO! 

Unbeelievables, by Douglas Florian

Come inside the honeycomb—a busy, buzzy, bee-filled home—and learn about the unexpected wonders of these tiny insects’ lifestyles, families, and communities. In fourteen funny, fact-filled honeybee poems and paintings, Douglas Florian explores the natural history of these often-unappreciated critters, revealing them to be a totally cool—and totally important—part of our ecosystem. I

The Hidden Rainbow, by Christie Matheson

Bees need a healthy and colorful garden to survive. Luckily, all the colors of the rainbow are hidden in this garden—but the bees need the reader’s help to find them. Brush off the camellia tree, tickle the tulips, and even blow a kiss to the lilac tree. With every action and turn of the page, a flower blooms and more bees are drawn to the feast. 

Bee Dance, by Rick Chrustowski

A honeybee searches for nectar, then returns to the hive to tell the other bees. She does a waggle dance, moving in a special figure-eight pattern to share the location of the foodsource with her hivemates. 

Bee and Me, by Alison Jay

A little girl befriends a bee that takes her on a journey of discovery, revealing an action that every child can take to aid in conservation. In a wordless story told through enchanting illustrations, Bee & Me tells a tale of friendship and offers an introduction to the ecology of the natural world. 

The Bee Book, by Charlotte Milner

Bees are brilliant at building, super social creatures and along with other insects, are responsible for a third of every mouthful of food you eat! Children will be fascinated by the beautiful pictures and learn plenty of buzz-worthy fun facts in every chapter, covering types of bees, beehives, beekeeping, how they pollinate plants and make honey.

Bees, by Laura Marsh

What’s that buzzing around? It’s a busy bee! With beautiful, engaging, and authentic photos, and accessible text, kids will learn all about these incredible insects in this level 2 reader.

Discover the Busy World of the Beehive, by Petra Bartikova

Kids will learn what it would be like to be a bee living in a beehive, with this secret look that starts on the outside of a hive and works its way deeper in with each turn of the page!

What is Pollination? by Bobbie Kalman

Pollination by insects is a critical function of all land ecosystems. Most orchard fruits, vegetables, and some field crops are pollinated by insects. This book features photographs that focus on the critical fact that protecting pollinators means having food to eat. It helps children look at insects in a different way.

Honeybee, by Candace Fleming

A tiny honeybee emerges through the wax cap of her cell. Driven to protect and take care of her hive, she cleans the nursery and feeds the larvae and the queen. But is she strong enough to fly? Not yet!

If you are looking for a week filled with fun activities all about Bees, click on the image below to download all of the printables needed.

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