Alphabet Letter Sorting

This set of Alphabet Letter Sorting mats are great for developing young learners’ beginning sound identification and phonemic awareness abilities.

Alphabet Letter Sorting

What you need:

  • Letter Sorting Mats, printed out and laminated
  • Blu-Tac

How to complete the activity:

This pack includes 26 sorting mats and 216 cards with illustrations. There are 9 pictures for each sorting mat. Just cut out and laminate.

There are various ways to use these mats:

* 2 – 4 players: Each child gets a sorting mat with a different letter. Shuffle the cards of the pictures that begin with these sounds and place it face down in the middle. Children take turns to pick up the cards and place it underneath the correct initial sound.

* Print 2 packs of the cards with the illustrations, stick on cardboard and laminate. These cards can now be used in a memory game.

Click on the image to download the printable sorting mats

For some more engaging Alphabetic activities, click on the images below to download.

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