5 Little Firefighters Printable

Children love to pretend to be Firefighters, Doctors, Construction Workers, Musicians, Artists and anything grown-up. The 5 Little Firefighters Printable is great for developing young children’s counting skills.

5 Little Firefighters Printable

What you need:

  • Printable cut out and laminated
  • Blu-Tac

How to complete the activity:

Cut out and laminate the Five Little Firemen and the fire truck that you will find at the end of this free lesson plan. Listen to the ‘Five Little Firemen’ song. Ask children to sing the song again, while using the cut-outs of the Firefighters to act it out.

Firefighters & Police Officers Free Lesson Plan
Click on the image to download the Bingo Set

Find a whole week of Firefighters & Police Officers themed printables, centers and activities by clicking on the image below.

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